25 December 2009

Ouch My Hands!

Well the worst part of Christmas morning is over, trying to get all those darn toys free from their boxes and complicated packaging. It never fails that every birthday or Christmas my hands, and mainly fingers, are sore and have little cuts from trying to wrestle with the packaging. Why do they make it so complicated? The pain makes it all worth it though when I see how excited my kids are to get their hands on their new toys! Merry Christmas To All!


  1. I'm glad your kids loved their presents. So sorry about your hands.

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  2. Oh I hate opening packages! This year I helped my three year old open the presents and then handed them to my husband to fight with getting them out of the boxes : )

  3. I can totally relate to this post. With 4 kids, 16, 14, 9 and 7 this was our first Christmas where I did not feel overwhelmed by packaging. This years wish lists contained much smaller (and more expensive, of course) items like gift cards, cell phones, game boys etc. which cut down on the huge boxes and twist tied toys that I dread dealing with. Have you ever tried to get a Bratz or Barbie doll and all of her accessories out of the box without damaging the doll or yourself in the process? It can literally take hours if you have the patience to undo every stitched down strand of hair without ripping some out of the doll's head. I've also discovered that Amazon has what they call "Frustration-Free Packaging" where the toys come in simple cardboard boxes without all of the bondage normally used to keep them in place in those plastic shells. After we spend hours wrapping the gifts who wants to spend more time trying to free the toys from their packages? This is the kind of thing that can bring out my inner Grinch! LOL!