29 June 2010

I'm Back...

Okay so I kind of went M.I.A. as far as the blog goes. I have to admit I was feeling some pressure from all sides with school, the kids, household duties, etc. I finally finished my first year back in school and I am enjoying my summer and a nice breather, Ah! I actually managed to pull off really good grades, the lowest being one single C all year so I have to toot my own horn on that one! By the way if anyone was curious on how hard distance learning really is, it is a CHALLANGE! I will definitely be in the classroom more often next year... :)

I am going to put a large effort to get this blog up and going again. I am sorry to my readers that I left hanging and I will sure to never let it happen again, I pinky promise! I got to thinking about how much I missed the blog last night and all my blogger friend blogs I read and miss, that I am 100% ready to get this back in gear!

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