29 July 2010

Tantrums- How Do You Handle Them?

So I wanted to touch upon a not so fun subject and hopefully get some tips from other moms in the process on "tantrums". Now I don't know about other moms but when I wake up every morning my forecast for the day is almost always a 99% chance of getting to enjoy at least one tantrum.  I have four daughters and they fight like most sisters do, so I guess that increases the odds quite a bit. My husband claims I have the patience of a saint but I think I just hide the stress better than he does. 

Now I've tried everything in the book short of spanking, which is something I have never believed in, nor will I start.  I have done grounding, taking away their favorite gadgets (such as their iPods), and being calm while trying to make them see reason.

Let's take last night for example... We are driving home from my mother in law's and the kids start to fight.  It always starts with one kid picking on the other, which then turns into a shouting match, and proceeds to lead to an all out war!   Now mind you I ask them to please get along and treat each other with respect. Now this usually is a one ear and out the other kind of request so I then start the warnings. I warn if the ones involved do not stop the fighting, then a grounding for one day will start.  For some reason this sparks off what I would call a classic "tantrum".  The tantrum sparks when hearing this warning when all they have to do is calm down to avoid getting grounded.  I can't seem to make them understand that.  Then I have to once again ask it to stop before I tack on another day.  More tantrum...and the cycle continues before I just feel like one big stress ball and hope that it ends soon.  

I do stick to my guns though when they are grounded hoping that it will register and they will see that I am serious about not tolerating bad behavior.  So far though it's not working well and I could use some advice from mom's who seem to have the whole tantrum thing under control.

I'm wondering how other moms out there deal with the dreaded tantrum.  Are you having success with any kind of certain approach?  Are you in the same boat as me?  Any comments and suggestions welcome!



  1. Wow, tantrums are a tough subject. I have one son that is the master of it. I don't know if you read my blog, but here's my most creative way to bust a tantrum without saying a word - break out the video camera! They HATE that!

    As for the car tantrums - I really don't know. Usually I deal with them after we get home which is confusing because by then WW3 has taken place.....let me know if you get a real answer on car tantrums...

  2. The video camera is one I have used before but I have one child that could care less! I'm heading over right now to check out your blog! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I was thinking you need a "Happy Van" - I have a giveaway on my blog and if you click on the link it goes to the posting about what a "Happy Van" is. I'd LOVE to send you one!