21 July 2010

We Got A Kitten!

So we went today and picked out a new addition for our family, a kitten!  She is so adorable and is slowly warming up to all of us, including the dog.  As far as the kitten and the dog go, they are smelling each other but so far no hissing, growling, scratching, or any of that going on. Fingers are crossed that this is a good match but so far so good!  Now for her name...The kids decided to lovingly name her "Miss Poopsie".  I have to admit it is kinda cute and the cat doesn't seem to mind so "Miss Poopsie" it is!  Here is a picture of our new baby girl...



  1. Aww, how cute! My cat and dogs never fought with each other. My dogs were actually scared of the cat!

    Miss Poopsie... :)

  2. She's a pretty little poopsie.