17 August 2010

Trying To Stretch The Summer!

I finally admitted to myself today that I am indeed sad to see this summer go.  I've been trying to enjoy it as much as possible. We've been packing fun into almost every moment with activities like swimming, hiking, road trips, etc.  I have found myself on more than a couple occassions amongst the sibling spats, tattling, and at times what I would call "utter chaos" that all I needed was for back to school to come a little faster.  Now that it's just around the corner I am wishing I could live this summer all over again. 

This year is especially emotional for me as a mom because my oldest is going into middle school and my youngest two (the twins) are going into 1st grade so they will be in full day school this year.  I remember the sleepless nights with each of them as babies and how people would always say to enjoy it because they grow up too quick.  Well...They really do!  Now I find myself telling that to other moms.  I just can't believe how fast it all flies by!  I'm feeling the sharing of nervousness of my oldest with going to middle school, surrounded by older kids in a whole new setting that to her age feels like a small town!  I'm feeling as a mom the anticipation but uneasiness of what is around the corner for them in the coming years of their life.  So for now at least, I'm just going to sit back and relax while I try to stretch the summer!

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  1. My oldest is a JUNIOR in high school this year! Then I have an 8th grader, 3rd grader and my baby is a first grader too. But Kindergarten here is full day, so that's not new!

    It goes by so fast!!!

    ANd last weekend I was teaching my oldest to drive and my youngest to ride without training wheels - what a trip!!!!