06 August 2010

What's That I Hear? So That's What Quiet Sounds Like!

So earlier today I took my older two girls to Grandma's for 3 whole days! I just have the younger two girls here and oh my gosh has it been quiet! Don't get me wrong, I love all my girls, but lately my oldest (the tween) and my middle child (insert middle child syndrome to the fullest here) have been awfully moody and sassy lately.  What am I going to do one day with four teenage girls? I'm in for it and the poor hubby is already outnumbered, God bless his soul!

The younger two stayed with me because they are still too young for that kind of stay, mixed with Grandma would be biting off more than she could chew with all four!  I have to admit I'm going to fully soak up the quiet this weekend without having to break up a four girl spat or hearing the constant tattling. The younger two are getting along just great.  I guess it helps that they are twins though and are basically best friends most of the time.  They were jealous they couldn't go to Grandma's too so I have been making them feel special here at the house.  So far they got to go out for lunch, get their toenails and fingernails painted, and we are about to go get some ice-cream! 

I hope everyone else out there in bloggy world has a fabulous weekend as well!

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