22 September 2010


Today marks 7 years married to my wonderful hubby!  Time really has flown by.  Would love to be back in time 7 years ago today in Las Vegas just for the day.  That was fun times!  Loved watching the shows, casino hopping, dancing, and the Hard Rock Hotel.  Considering that I'm actually living in the now, I guess I better wrap up this post considering the hubby and I are getting ready to leave for a nice lunch.  Gotta squeeze in that quality anniversary time before the kids get home from school!  Note to self: I really need to find a good babysitter and let go of my worries of my kids being watched by someone other than family or myself.  Seriously.


  1. Happy Anniversary! We just hit 20 and, yep, it was lunch - a few weeks late even. Such is life with kiddos.....

  2. Belated Happy Anniversary may you have many many many more :)

  3. Happy anniversary! Hope you had a great time! I am your newest follower and hope you can stop by my site in your spare time :)