21 September 2010

Look Here Santa!

 Christmas is creeping up and this year I have my eyes set on something I really want!  What do I want you ask?  I have my eye on some bed sets. Okay one bed set in particular.  The one I have now is a beautiful mahoganey four poster but there is only one problem...It's aged and ready to retire!  I also have to admit I'm kind of tired of having to practically jump into bed because it's so high off the ground.  While it aesthtically looks nice, you would never know unless you looked under my bed, that one side is having to be propped up with a wooden board because the bottom framework is slowly falling apart.  It's time to put this old bed set out of it's misery and I'm hoping Santa can help me with that.  Here's the bed set I have my eyes on...

 dCOR design Ryan Bedroom Set in Eternity Walnut

When I first came across this bed set online through CSN I knew I had to have it!  For starters, I love the contemporary look it has, along with the added bonus that this bed is low to the ground which would be a nice change. The matching end tables just make the whole look flow together nicely in my opinion.  I'm already envisioning the new bedding I would buy to compliment the design.  I've been browsing bed sets for awhile now and compared to most I've seen, this set is a good buy for the quality.  So that's it, my heart is set on this one! 

So Santa if you're reading this, I've been a good girl this year and all this mommy wants is a new bed set.  I promise to set out the Oreo cookies you love so much.  I'll even throw in an extra glass of milk!  Just sayin'....


*Disclosure: This post was written for CSN Stores in exchange for a gift certificate and a future giveaway opportunity for my readers of this blog.  

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  1. I'll put in a good word for you with my good friend Holly (she is Santa's Secretary)

    I'm sure he has time to whip one up for you :)