03 October 2010

The Coffee Lady

That's my new official name I guess..."The Coffee Lady".  I will start off by admitting I do like my daily McDonalds coffee.  Sometimes I even like one twice a day, medium size with three sugar and three cremes to be exact!  For some reason I can't make coffee even half as good as McDonalds.  I know this is a sad fact, trust me!  Apparently I have created quite the fan base at my local McDonalds.  Yesterday I go to get my daily coffee and when I get to the food pickup window a girl who works there, (not the guy who was handing me my coffee) looks over at me and yells "Hey, It's The Coffee Lady".  I'm now nervously trying to laugh it off, afraid to embrace my apparent celebrity status where the mascot is a creepy clown.  She says "You switched it up on us a while back ago. You used to get four cremes and four sugars, now it's three and three".  I guess this fan base has been going on longer and stronger than I first figured because I didn't know they were watching my creme and sugar content so closely.  It is funny though, I'll admit it!  So that's me, The Coffee Lady. 


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  5. I teach elementary school, and if I show up somewhere in the morning without my thermal mug, my students actually question me about it.

    I have a manager at my local Dunkin Donuts who knows me by my voice on the intercom and gets my usual, too. :-)

    So I'll join you in the "Coffee Lady" title. How else would we get it all done?

    Very nice blog.