29 June 2011

My Newest Hobby

With all this beautiful sunny summer weather, I have been taking more leisurely drives in the country than usual.  I'm so close to some wonderful country back roads, that taking a drive through the country starts not even a mile from my house, which I love!  While I've always enjoyed these scenic drives, I ran across something I had never noticed before, which has led me to a fantastic new hobby! 

What did I notice you may ask?  An abandoned house of all things!  It caught my eye right away.  I started thinking about who might have lived there before, the general history of the house, and why it had gotten to this state.  When I got home I began to research abandoned homes online, and to my surprise, there are actually a good number of people that are intrigued by them just as much as I am!  There are even some wonderful Flickr groups out there dedicated to the photography of these abandoned homes. 

So the next day after this house caught my eye, I headed back out to snap my own picture of it.  Now I am NO professional photographer. Just your average digital camera toting mom!  Below is the picture I captured in black and white, which I think adds to the nostalgia of the scenery.  You can also look in my previous post (Wordless Wednesday), where I captured a photo of an old abandoned youth hunting camp.  Now I keep my camera handy in my purse at all times, just in case I see anymore abandoned homes to capture. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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