30 June 2011

So Excited!

I got a surprise in the mail today...it was the DKMS Bone Marrow Donor Registration Kit I had been waiting for!  After reading a heart wrenching story a couple weeks ago about a young boy and his fight with leukemia, I knew right away I needed to register to become a donor!  There are so many children and young adults out there fighting this battle and are just waiting for a donor match that may never come along.

Before requesting my registration kit with DKMS, I did a lot of reading up on what DKMS does and how the whole process works.  I had heard about bone barrow donation quite a number of years ago, but just the sound of it had always been intimidating, along with people telling me stories of needles collecting samples from your back.  Boy am I glad I read up on the facts!  Trust me when I say its really not scary at all!  In fact, most donations are simply done by blood donation over the course of a couple days to collect what is needed.

What motivated me most was reading the young boy's story and thinking to myself "What if that were my child needing a donor?".  I am hopeful that I may be that perfect match for someone who is waiting.  I encourage my readers to at least read up on donating bone marrow with DKMS, and if you are interested than great!  If you want more information you can visit the DKMS website HERE!

If you are feeling inspired and are ready to jump on the donation bandwagon, click the widget below and get registered!

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