13 July 2011

Allergic To Pickles?

So last year I found out after trying some new kind of deli potato salad that I'm allergic to fresh dill seasoning.   After my tongue got all swelled up and bumpy, I have avoided dill like the plague.  Weird thing was, I was still able to eat pickles.  Thinking how strange that was I googled it, and it turns out that there are some others that are allergic to dill that can eat pickles.

Now I made some of my yummy macaroni salad tonight to have with dinner and I put some chopped up dill pickles in it like I always do.  I also use a good sized splash of pickle juice to stir in with the mayo and mustard, along with the other ingredients.  I never eat the pickles in the macaroni salad because I hardly ever eat pickles unless they come on a hamburger.  I did nothing different than usual tonight.  I avoided the pickles.

After dinner my tongue started to feel sore and swollen.  I go to look in the mirror and sure enough, allergic reaction!  I came to the conclusion that the pickle juice must have triggered it.  I did put a little more pickle juice in the macaroni salad than normal.  That must have been it.

I'm okay now thank goodness!  The reaction isn't too harsh, mostly annoying and painful if anything.  I'm just left wondering who else in the world is allergic to pickles because right now I'm feeling like an odd ball.  Please tell me that I'm not the only one!  I'm thinking I should talk to my doctor about this and get an official allergy test or something.  What's funny is what disappointed me the most about the whole thing was that I wasn't going to be able to have seconds on macaroni salad like I wanted to!  Darn :)


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  11. Honestly, you can be allergic to any food. My son is allergic to just about everything so trust me, this I know for sure. Pickles are a fairly easy food to avoid!