27 July 2011

Are You On Klout?

So I've been using Klout for about a week now.  I noticed others tweeting about it on Twitter and it led me to investigate and join!  If you don't know about Klout yet, it is a system that measures your influence and interactions online, hence the name Klout!  The scores range from 1 to 100, and the higher your score, the more influence (klout) you have.  

Klout takes into consideration many variables through Twitter and Facebook to determine your Klout score.  A part of the equation into figuring your score is your "true reach".  That is, how many people are engaging and responding to your posts/tweets, how many are retweeting, and the likelihood that your messages will get a response.

What else does Klout offer me?  Well, you may be interested in special "perks" Klout users get for their ranking.  If you have a higher score, you may be eligible to participate in Klout perks that are in a way like reviewing free products.  You get a product or promotional item, in exchange for you to talk about it and engage your online audiences!  Some past Klout perks have been sponsored by companies like Starbucks, Cover Girl, Dove, and more!  
Everyday that you log into your Klout account you get a bonus point or points towards your score.  What I love is that everyday you are able to go through your list of online friends/followers and give 5 people that influence you a +k, which is like a mini Klout boost for them!  It's so fun to surprise others with that little bonus, and it's even more enjoyable to see that you have influenced someone yourself!

If you haven't jumped on the Klout bandwagon yet, I would definitely consider checking it out!  Since I am new myself, I am working on getting my score up so that I can join some "perks".  It looks to be a fun and engaging way to monitor your social influence!

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