11 July 2011

Grocery Shopping...Ugh!

I don't know about other moms out there, but I truly dislike going grocery shopping.  With a family of six, I can easily fill my cart to the brim with just one weeks worth of food.  Should I also mention that with this many people in my family, to save money I have to shop at the most crowded grocery store in town? Not so fun!

This evening I decided to recruit my husband to go along with me! Not wanting to have to go every single week out in the summer heat to grocery shop (I can't imagine anyone would want to), I figured we could each take a cart and get two weeks done in one trip. Now after all is said and done, I wonder why I never thought of doing this before?  I'm guessing its just my busy, sometimes overstressed mom brain that never connected the dots, haha!  

I am so relieved to have it all done though!  I have to give kudos to my hubby for letting both twins ride on the sides of the cart while he pushed a huge load of groceries, plus another kid in tow beside him.  That left me with my cart and my oldest daughter.  He knows grocery shopping is not my favorite, so I think he wanted to make it as easy on me as possible.  Bless his heart! Now I'm enjoying some peace and quiet around the house while him and the girls are off at the local swimming pool.  I put up the groceries and now I'm enjoying my cup of coffee while blogging it up!


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    We are a family of 6 as well but my oldest has left the coop so I have 11, 4 and 2.5 left. My hubby is never (ok,once) available to help me so I know what you are talking about all too well and we coupon making checking out a nightmare too especially since Homeland changed their policy and want you to match up each product with each coupon now....ridiculous:-P

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    I cannot imagine gracery shopping with that many children. You are a brave brave woman and I commend you!

  6. I definitely need to start couponing! It would be nice to save some money here and there. ;) Of course, we live in an area that doesn't have many coupon inserts. Oh, and our printer is out of ink. Maybe one day. Lol.

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