18 August 2011

Being A Vegetarian Mom In A House Full Of Meat Eaters

I decided to go vegetarian about a month ago now.  My husband and children still eat meat, and that's fine with me.  I would never push my personal choices on my family.  I am fairly surprised with how well I am doing with still cooking meat for the others in my house.  I guess I envisioned after I went vegetarian that I would be repulsed beyond belief over cooking meat for them.  That really hasn't been the case at all.  Don't get me wrong, I don't especially enjoy cooking meat now that I'm a veg head, but I know that its what they want to eat, and so I cook it.

Lately I have been scouting around trying to find myself some vegetarian recipes to try.  I have noticed that when grocery shopping, I am neglecting to get myself some foods that I can eat.  That's typical me though, worrying about everyone else!  I finally realized the extent of it though last night when I went to get a snack and noticed that my option was pretty much a cheese sandwich, lol!

I am going to go grocery shopping and pick myself up some veg friendly choices.  If any of you moms out there have some wonderful recipe links to share, I would adore that!  When I became a vegetarian, I kept reading how my food choices would actually expand, not narrow.  So far, I am not expanding the way I thought I would.  Maybe its my picky side when it comes to food.  Who knows?  I guess I just need to keep looking for recipes that peak my interest.  This is my journey, solo vegetarian mom in a house full of meat eaters!

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  1. Heidi! I am so proud of you!
    I am the only vegetarian in my home too. I dont care about it at all beccause it is MY choice, and not my business to be pushing or preaching to others.
    There are vegetarians who end up on the unhealthy side eating snack foods and carbs because they dont know what to eat...or going on thise binges from being hungry, so it is great that you prepare ahead!
    I keep wraps, naan and tortillas on hand at all times beacause you can throw ANYTHINNG in them to make a great meal or snack. I am NOT picky so I throw spinach and salsa in a tortilla. Then I spice it up by adding variations such as plain yogurt, or different types of beans, or falafal, eggplant, some vegetarian fake meat crumbles...and more! Keep it up...I'm rooting for you!

    - jenny at dapperhouse