20 August 2011

How To Make A No Sew Tutu For Your Daughter

You know you love em'!  What am I talking about? The adorable and super cute princess tutus you see being reviewed on mom blogs!  I always thought they would be difficult to make for someone like me, and by someone like me I mean sewing incapable.  While searching around on how exactly you could go about making one of these, I came upon some great ways you can make these tutus, without having to sew anything at all!  I have a house full of daughters that love the tutu look, so it looks like mom may have to stop by the craft store soon to pick up some tulle!  I wanted to share with my readers two different great resources for how to make "no sew" princess tutus!  Enjoy!

Here's another link to eHow with easy to follow instructions, along with guided photos!  Click Here

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