13 August 2011

My Back To School Deals I Found So Far!

With four girls to shop for when it comes to back to school shopping, hunting for deals and sales is a must!  Every year I do most of my shopping online and I have had pretty good luck the past couple of years finding some great deals and steals.  I thought I would share with my readers some of the deals I have come across so far.  I say so far because I still have quite a bit to pick up.

* My Scores From Hot Topic For My Oldest Daughter
  • 6 Graphic T-Shirts
  • Pack of Punky Hair Bows
  • Wine colored clip in hair extension
Purchased items during their buy 1 get 1 half off clearance sale.  

Paid $57.46 shipped!

Paid For With Last Month's Squidoo Earnings!

* My Amazon.com Scores For All The Girls

  •  8 Graphic T-Shirts
All the shirts but one are made by Junk Food.  They carry super cute graphic tees for girls at cheap prices!

Paid $ 46.82 shipped!

Paid For With An Amazon Gift Certificate I Won From A Recent Twitter Party!

* Today's Old Navy Haul For My Middle Child And Twins *

  • 3 Micro Performance Fleece Vests
  •  7 Graphic Tees
Signed up for email alerts and received a code for $10 Off $50.  My order also qualified for free shipping since it was over $50

Paid $51.99 Shipped!

Paid For By This Month's Squidoo and Social Spark Earnings!


  1. You saved big time! I took advantage of Old Navy's in-store sale last weekend and got $10 jeans for The Boy (regularly $19.50) - plus cash coupons to use in a couple of weeks.

  2. Cool:) It's awesome you're doing so great on your site and more. I'm sure you need to make it since you're a student and savings is a must for most people these days.
    Good luck on your final year.
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