12 August 2011

My Fall Schedule For School

I thought I would share my fall schedule for college.  I can't believe I'm finally starting my final year next month!  After a change in major and three years total of school, this will all be worth it in the end.  I still plan on pursuing a Bachelor's in Psychology after my Associates, but I think I will take a year off in between and start back to work to help pay off my student loans which kick in next year.  

I have to take the full 18 credits this year to graduate on time, but I know I'm strong enough to get it done and I just keep reminding myself of the future job I will have from this all.  My goal is to work with disadvantaged children in the system and help counsel children of abuse and trauma in general.  I know of some other blog moms who are going back to school this year and I commend them to the fullest.  It really requires a lot of effort and balancing work!

My Fall Schedule

  • American Art  (Online Course)
  • Computer Fundamentals  (Online Course)
  • Understanding Movies: American Cinema  (Telecourse)
  • General Psychology  (Online Course)
  • Introduction to Sociology  (Online Course)

{Good Luck To All My Fellow Mom Bloggers Attending School This Year!}


  1. Good luck this semester, Heidi! I too am a SAMH and go to school full-time. I graduated in the spring with my A.A. and now I'm starting my B.A. this fall. I'm also taking General Psychology this semester. Should be fun :)

    So you're finishing up your Associates?

    -Ana (@LucasitosMommy on Twitter)

  2. Yes, I'm finishing up my Associates this year...finally! Congrats on graduating and good luck with your Bachelors studies!

  3. Good luck! Just stay focused and you are good to go! I am working on my Masters and am working full time and am a single mom, it's a tough juggle but you can do it!

  4. I finished my A.S. two semesters ago and am wading into a B.S. now! Praying all goes well for you this semester. I have four little - 2 girls and 2 boys, and an amazingly supportive husband. We can do this!

  5. Thanks for the support and good luck to all you other ladies also in school this year!