29 August 2011

Our SuperHeat House Party

Our SuperHeat House Party!  {So Much Fun!}

If you haven't yet heard of SuperHeat, its the new skateboarding trading card game that's fun to play and collect!  With cards featuring top skateboarders kids know and love, you get to use your cards to throw down some of the best known skateboarding tricks around to earn points and have a blast!

SuperHeat offers Starter Decks, Throwdown Series, and Booster Packs to get you started in the game, as well as keep your SuperHeat collection growing!  Starter Decks contain 42 game cards, 1 quick start game card, 2 collector cards, and 1 rules poster.  The Throwdown Series contains 195 game cards, 66 common game cards, 65 rare game cards, 64 super rare game cards, and 30 collector cards.  The Booster Packs contain 9 cards per pack, 8 game cards, and 1 collector card.

I had the exciting opportunity to be a host of a SuperHeat house party with my kiddos!  The SuperHeat company made sure we had everything we would need to have the very best party.  The party house pack contained party bags filled with SuperHeat goodies, as well as 2 SuperHeat shirts (1 for my child and 1 for the SuperHeat trading card game winner)!  

My kids invited all their friends from the neighborhood for the party!  We ended up having 8 kids altogether and they had so much fun playing SuperHeat!  I was worried the kids might have a hard time catching on how to play, but they actually caught on quite quickly!  We ended up playing four games of SuperHeat and even mom here got in on the game!  My kids are already asking when they can get more cards to collect.  I think its great how the cards can be collected and used in the game.  So awesome!

I couldn't have asked for a greater group of kids at the party.  We had a ton of fun and the kids are still getting together to play SuperHeat since the party!  One of my favorite parts was when all the kids put on their temporary tattoos from their party packs.  Look below for a funny picture of what one of my 7 year old twins decided to do with hers!

{ My mini Travis Barker! - In girl form!}

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* I was provided products by SuperHeat for the purpose of hosting a SuperHeat game party, and in an exchange to share party details and my experiences.  All opinions stated here are mine and mine alone.

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