01 September 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge ... Day 1

30 Day Blog Challenge
{Day 1}
"Your Current Relationship"

Following in the footsteps of fellow bloggers I adore, I am participating in the 30 Day Blog Challenge. If you want more information on the daily topics, click hereI think this is a great challenge to participate in.  Not only do you get daily prompts to fuel your writing, your readers get to learn more about you every day!  

So today starts day one, discussing your current relationship.  I am happily married and have been for almost eight years.  September 22nd will be our eight year anniversary and I have loved the journey every step of the way, even through our ups and downs.  We have four beautiful girls who are our world and enough pets to probably start a small petting zoo, no joke!  

I met my husband shortly after turning twenty one.  I went out with a friend of mine to a local bar that my husband was managing at the time.  I had lost my driver's license that night without even knowing it.  Up walks the man who is now my husband, holding my license and saying "I thinks this belongs to you".  He caught my eye from that moment on, and without trying to intentionally be cheesy, the rest was history!  I honestly can't imagine not being with him.  He is my best friend and my soul mate wrapped into one adorable package!


  1. Wow, this is a deja vu! My husband and I have been married for 8 years (July 19) and have four girls as well :) Your husbands name doesn't happen to be Daniel, does it? LOL

  2. Welcome to the 30 day blog challenge! I started doing it too. Great fun!

  3. What a fun blog! I found you on mommy bloggers and I am excited to follow! If you get a second to check out mine, I'd appreciate it! Hope you have a magical day!

  4. This sounds like a lot of fun to do. Love your post.