21 September 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge ... Day 21

30 Day Blog Challenge
{Day 21}
"One Of Your Favorite T.V. Shows"

 Today is Day 21 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge, and today's topic is one of your favorite television shows.  I don't watch too much television, but I do enjoy the show 48 Hours.  I love learning about a true crime story, and usually being surprised with how the story ends by the end of the show!  I have the TV.com app on my Android and it updates with a new 48 Hours episode every week.  I love curling up in bed and watching the week's latest episode!  I think my studies in Psychology also draw me to this show.  I find myself wondering motives behind people and their thought processes that lead them to it. So...What is one of your favorite television shows?

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