22 September 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge ... Day 22

30 Day Blog Challenge
{Day 22}
"How Have You Changed In The Past Two Years?"

Today is Day 22 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge, and today's topic is how you have changed over the past two
years. I honestly don't think I have changed that much in the last two years.  If anything, the biggest change during this time was my decision to go back to school.  Two years ago I realized that my kids were all in school, and it was time for mommy to get back on track with pursuing her dream of getting a college degree. 

Everything else in my life the past two years has been pretty constant and calm.  I guess looking at today's challenge, I'm pretty lucky in that respect.  I'm a creature of habit anyway.  I like living a predictable life, lol!  So how have you changed over the past two years?


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