26 September 2011

Mom's First Day Of School!

Mom's First Day Of School!

 Well, this mom's summer break is officially over!  It's back to school again for me and I am having those usual beginning term jitters I always get.  Am I going to ace my classes?  Will the workload overwhelm me?  I've already spend the morning going through each of my online classes individually and extensively to see what exactly is expected of me and what is due this first week in each of my classes.  The one thing pretty much all of them have in common this week...a huge amount of reading!  

I am genuinely excited to get back to the old school grind!  This will be my last year of community college, and that means I will have my Associates degree, finally.   This will be my third year and final year.  I only went part time the first two years due to wanting to find out if I could juggle momhood and school, plus there was a degree change along the way that lengthened things a little for me.  

I think the class I'm most nervous about is my web authoring class.  It's a class on XHTML.  Just thinking about it kind of scares me, no lie!  On the plus side of things, this class should teach me how to do some pretty cool things that I can transfer to my blog!  First day of school is starting off great.  Let's hope the trend continues!