03 September 2011

The Neverending Twitter Hop!

This is "The Neverending Twitter Hop" folks!  The goal of this hop is to make new friends and expand our social networking circle.  I will be checking in on links to make sure they are properly working, so check your link after submitting because it will get deleted if it leads us to nowhere land!  I will also be going through the list at the beginning of each month to make sure links are still working and that active tweeters only are listed.

The rules of this hop are simple:
1) Please follow me {your host} in the first spot!
2) Please follow everyone ahead of you in the list. 
3) Make sure to check in at least once a month here to follow any new tweeters that have joined after you.

* I would be super excited if you would also take a minute and tweet this hop using the Twitter share link at the bottom of this post and/or putting the button on your blog linking back to this page! *

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