10 October 2011

Family Outing To The Local Haunted Corn Maze

Last night our family took an outing to the local haunted corn maze!  All of us were really excited to go since most of us had never been before.  Despite the fact that I was in the midst of a ferocious head cold, I was determined to go have fun with the family!

Now I am a huge horror movie fan!  I love a good scary movie.  I figured this would make a haunted corn maze even more exciting.  Boy was I wrong!  As soon as we entered the dark corn maze I wanted to turn back and go to the car.  Trying not to look like a big baby though I carried on.  I was actually doing pretty good until we turned a corner and there stood a scary ( terrifying fits better!) clown standing at the end of the walkway to a fog tunnel.  What made is even scarier is he was looking at all of us, slowly beckoning us to come towards the tunnel. The twins who are 7 immediately started freaking out, which only fueled even more hysteria among the rest of us!  While stalling on moving forward we didn't notice the other scary clown twin running up on us.  I tell you, I have never screamed so loud in my life!

So we are past that and some other scary characters and my fever is back full swing!  That mixed with lots of walking was not a good combination.  I quickly regretted choosing to come do this when I am sick as a dog.  I pretty much couldn't manage that and the fear combined.  I didn't want the kids to see me scared but the chainsaw guy pretty much ruined that!  At the maze halfway point the twins said they didn't want to go on.  Seeing that there was an exit at this point I quickly volunteered to go to the car with them while my husband and older two finished the maze.  My poor twins kept making me promise that not for all the money in the world would I ever make them do that scary maze again.  I felt so bad for them!  Of course I promised never again.  I told them mom didn't even want to go back there again!  All in all it was an interesting experience but I'm glad its over and I can get back to staying indoors to tackle this cold.

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  1. Creepy clowns and a bad head cold??? Did your mind play games on you when you saw them calling you forward to meet them at the end of that tunnel???? I hope you get to feeling better and I give you big Mom bucks for going out like that when you are sick. Seriously.