16 October 2011

Kids Got Their Costumes Today!

Today we went shopping as a family for Halloween costumes!  I love getting to watch the kids get excited about picking out a costume.  If the store's Halloween section would just be a little less cramped, all would be perfect!  I suppose a family of six traveling down the aisles together creates a crowding situation of its own.  I'm sure people hate running into us going down store aisles.   =)

My oldest daughter usually goes with a scary themed costume.  Past picks have included Jason and a scary clown to name a few.  Yes, she's my tomboy!  My middle daughter went with a pink skeleton type costume.  It's actually really cute and she's going to wear a fake pink hair strip in her hair to match.  Love it!  My youngest, the twins, decided on different costumes this year.  Some years they go as the same thing, and sometimes they go off on their own costume direction.  This year they differed!  One of them is dressing up as a gothic countess and the other is being a vampire queen!  Never really being the dress up type as an adult, I decided to add a fun touch this year and got a cute punky wig and big fake eyelashes.  I figured I might as well have fun too while I freeze my behind off taking the kids trick or treating.  So what are your kiddos going as this year for Halloween?


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  1. My oldest is going as a Pink Ninja. Because it was the only costume with a skirt that Mommy would okay. (I'm not a fan of suggestive costumes for kids! She wanted to be She-Ra...absolutely not!) My middle is going as Batman, and my youngest is going as Ninja Baby, picked out by his big sis. I'm still talking to middle bro in hopes that he'll go as a ninja too, then we could be a whole ninja family!