31 October 2011

A Rained Out Halloween

Halloween weather didn't go as I hoped tonight.  About 20 minutes into trick or treating the rain started, and it started pretty strong.  The kids were bummed, which led to one of the twins breaking out in massive tears (so sad!).  They hadn't racked up that much candy in that short amount of time so my husband drove to Safeway and bought a bunch of bags for them.  When we got home I loaded em' up with all sorts of good candy!  We never had a rain out like this before on Halloween, so still feeling pretty bad for them I decided to break the tradition of a couple pieces a night and decided to let them go wild with it!  I told them they could eat as much candy as they could stand.  Of course they all got candy tummy aches and regretted it afterwards.  They ended up having a really good night and I was happy we could end it that way.  Still wish Halloween wouldn't have got rained out.  Here's good wishes for great weather next Halloween!

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