07 October 2011

Shopping For Winter Clothing

Winter Shopping!

Since the weather has started to cool down and the rain has come in where I live, I decided to go out yesterday and start some winter clothes shopping for the kids.  When we go back to school shopping we stock up on tees and jeans, but make a seperate trip for the winter shopping.  While I still will need to make another trip or two, I think I made out pretty good at my local WalMart while there yesterday.  I grabbed up 12 long sleeve tees and 4 nice winter coats for the girls, all for only around $120!  While I usually detest my local Wally World crowd and almost always disorganized store, I couldn't pass up on getting some good deals.  I think I will hit up Target next week to see what they have.  Has anyone else started or already stocked up on kids winter clothing?  Any great deals you found? 

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