14 November 2011

The End of Fall Term is Approaching!

There are just four weeks (counting this week!) of fall term left.  I thought I would do a sort of just over mid point check in!  Things are going pretty well, and much less stressful now that I have gotten mid terms out of the way.  My Web Authoring class is proving to be a challenge as we near the end, although I have learned some neat coding tricks that I hope to apply to my blog over winter break!  I'm already getting a little anxious thinking about two upcoming final projects for American Art and Computer Fundamentals, but I'm going to have faith that I will do great at them.  

Here are my current grade standings:
* Sociology - 94% {A-}
* Psychology - 95% {A}
* Computer Fundamentals - 90% {A-}
* Web Authoring - 96% {A}
* American Cinema - 96% {A}
* American Art - 90% {A-}

While I'm thankful for the grades I have right now, I'm naturally hard on myself and I hate that I have so many A-'s.  Hopefully I can improve those, but as the end of the term gets more challenging I wouldn't be surprised if I end up with a B or two.  I put pressure on myself to get good grades not only to show myself what I'm capable of, but with having been awarded a scholarship this year, I'm also out to impress the donor.  I just need to put my nose to the grindstone and study study study!  Sending out good wishes and best of luck to all the other moms out there going to school and getting their education. 

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