05 November 2011

My First Vegetarian Thanksgiving

As some of you may know, this past summer I decided to become a vegetarian.  Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday, but I now find myself having to look at it a little different.  My past Thanksgiving menus have always contained a lot of meat such as the turkey of course, ham, green beans cooked with bacon, etc.  I will still be making these dishes for my family who eats meat, I'm just wondering what I will be having this Thanksgiving!

Of course I'm already planning on having the mashed potatoes, without gravy of course.  I also plan on making some steamed veggies.  The rolls are okay.  What else is there besides pie?  I know I need to start scouring the internet for vegetarian recipes, which I will.  Are there any vegetarians out there who have some ideas to share with me?  All in all this should be interesting!  My official first vegetarian Thanksgiving.

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