09 November 2011

Our Trip To The Eye Doctor

Today I took one of my twins to the eye doctor.  A couple weeks ago she had brought home one of those slips from doing the school given eye exam and they were a little concerned, so I made the appointment.  Everything went really well!  It was our first time in this particular office and all the staff, including the doctor made my daughter feel very comfortable.  She didn't quite like the part where she had to get the eye drops (it stung a little!), but overall she had a very good experience.

While they were testing her vision I noticed she was missing quite a bit of the letters.  I personally thought she bombed it pretty bad, but it turns out her vision is 20/25.  The eye doctor explained that while she could do without glasses, if it were his kids he would want them to have the best vision possible, so he recommended glasses for school and homework.  It seems she is having trouble seeing the board and some things up close.  

This will be my first out of my four girls to need glasses.  I have had them for distance since 6th grade, so I guess with poor eye sight running in the family, I kind of knew this was bound to happen to at least one of them.  She has to go back once a year to re-check her prescription.  She is not too happy though that now all the teachers and students at school will be able to tell her and her identical twin sister apart, since she'll be the one with glasses.  They just love pulling tricks on everyone!

Right after the exam we got to step into the area to pick out some new specs.  It didn't take long for her to pick her favorite, which was actually my favorite as well!  They are a pair of super cute black and pink two tone frames.  She looks super adorable in them!  We were told they would be ready for pick up in 2 weeks.  I am a little concerned about her being only 7 and trying to properly take care of glasses but the lady told us that when we pick them up she will get a full lesson on eyeglasses care, so that's good!  There is also a one year warranty on them in case of accidents.  Not too shabby!

{ Here's a pic I found on CoastalContacts.com that looks like the pair she is getting! }

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