04 December 2011

Finals Week Brings Not So Great News

I have been awaiting the grade of my final Computer Fundamentals project so I would know my total final grade for the class, as this is finals week.  I worked my behind off and I knew it had to be A quality work to bump my 87% up to a low A.  

This was a 3 part final project that consisted of a typed report in Word, an Excel graph, and a PowerPoint presentation.  The Word report grade comes back a 92%.  I'm thinking this could be better, but it's good.  Then this morning the Excel and Powerpoint grade comes in.  I got 100% on both.  Problem is, I just missed where I needed to be for my final grade.  I ended the class with an 89.5%, B+.

Yep, an 89.5%.  No extra credit available either.  Of course I'm devastated.  I have had the goal to end with straight A's all term.  I won't even lie, I cried a little.  I really am hard on myself when it comes to school.  I guess my goal of straight A's just went down the toilet.  Ugh!

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