11 December 2011

The Hard To Shop For This Christmas

Who's the hardest to shop for when it comes to your holiday shopping list?  For me, it's my sister.  I seem to never know what to get her, and if you flat out ask her what she wants, she says nothing.  Of course that's a lie and I know full well she wants gifts.  Trust me, she is a material girl in her own right!  I have tried really hard every year to get her something that she will like, or something that nobody else would think to get her.  I usually have to go to several stores and browse forever before finding her the perfect gift.  Last year I figured out I spent around $30 in gas over a couple days just looking for "the" gift for her.

That's the one thing I don't enjoy about the holidays.  The pressure.  I guess I put it on myself, but everything this year as far as gift giving has been going great, except for her gift.  Now the reason why I stress so bad about this, is that I did see one of my gifts to her one year when I came to visit in her Goodwill pile, with the tags still on it!  She's the type that will hate something but lie to save your feelings.  I really wish she would just tell me or give me some kind of hint of what she does like.  Anyone have any ideas for a picky sister?  HaHa!

My hubby usually is hard to buy for as well, but this year I have been listening!  I pick up on little mentions in stores and I have it together perfect this year for him.  Plus, he already bought what he wanted most to gift to himself for Christmas!  Sounds crazy but at least he gets it!  I would share what I'm getting him but he sometimes checks in on the blog, so it's a hush hush situation, lol! 

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