08 December 2011

Naughty Doggy, Take Your Bath!

Please tell me I am not the only dog owner out there that has to struggle to get my dog to take his bath.  I seriously just went through a one hour standoff ordeal with my own dog to get him clean.  Outrageous!  He is a small dog and has never liked water, but I have never had this big of a problem getting him in the bath.  He usually just lets me put him in, irritated and all.

This time was different.  He saw me give the cats their bath first.  Now of course he is hiding in a little cubby hole under the desk in my bedroom, knowing his turn is coming sooner or later.  I usually give him no warning.  Everyone in my house even knows not to say the word "bath" or even spell it because he has clued into those things as well.  Too smart for his own good I say!

Now he's an older dog and has never tried to seriously bite any of us, so it came as a total surprise that when my daughter went to get him out of his hiding spot, he tried to bite her!  Then I tried.  He tried to bite me too!  He was actually scaring me about the whole thing.  So here I am for about an hour trying different ridiculous things to get him out of his spot without getting hurt, including tying a big t-shirt with a scrunchie around my arm to grab him without getting hurt, trying to coax him with treats, and acting like my intention was to take him potty outside.  Seriously though, the shirt wrapped around the arm thing was too funny.  I looked like a total dork!  

Anyways, he finally fell for the I'm just going to take you outside line and we blocked him off and grabbed him.  I am going to leave his next bath up to my husband I think.  This was not my idea of a fun night!  Even the cats gave me an easier time than he did, and they naturally throw a fit in the bath, but at least they go along with it up until I start hosing em' down.  Time to relax.  Ugh!

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  1. So far my dog hasn't done anything THAT crazy to get out of a bath! I usually tell him I'm going to give him a cookie (what we call his treats, hehe) and he comes happily running and I crush his hopes by putting him in the tub.

    But now I'm afraid he might catch wise :)