29 December 2011

Worst Picture Ever!

Let me guess.  You were hoping to actually see the worst picture ever weren't you?  Sorry folks but I just can't show you it, it's truly that awful!  The worst picture ever is in regards to my lovely trip to the DMV earlier today to renew my license.  I actually liked my last license photo.  It was fairly decent if I do say so myself.  But boy oh boy, not this one!  It was so bad I actually came home and shed some tears over it.  This is what I get to fork over for identification for the next some odd years?  Just great.  I'm so excited it may take me a minute to crawl out from under this rock and show you just how excited I am.  

I wish that you could just for once say "do over please!".  I'm surprised the lady who took my photo didn't go blind from the outcome of it all, lol!  I haven't even dared show my husband yet.  He keeps telling me it can't be that bad and that I'm beautiful and so on, bless his heart.  I'm sure there are plenty of you out there that feel my pain when it comes to your driver license photo.  I don't think any amount of ice cream is going to fix this one, but I'm sure liking trying!

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  1. mINE HASN'T BEEN SO GREAT EITHER I was upset that day and boy did it show...