29 January 2012

Big News For Me!

So it appears one of my goals for this year has come true.  Yesterday I got my acceptance letter and fancy acceptance package from a local university I was hoping to get into!  I am excited beyond words!  This is a local Christian university that has an excellent Psychology program.  Not only was I accepted, they sent me a seperate letter notifying me of an Academic Merit Award for $7,000 in recognition of my good grades I have done thus far in community college. This fall I am going to be pursuing my Bachelor's in Psychology!  Boy it feels good to say that.  I would be lying if I didn't say I was a little nervous and feeling kind of overwhelmed.  Up until now I have been taking online classes from home through the local community college for my Associate's degree.  I feel like I'm a small fish leaving the pond and headed for the ocean!  I can't wait though and I am very excited to continue my education and make my dreams come true.