08 January 2012

I Love Pinterest!

Okay, so everything I have been hearing about Pinterest being super fun and addicting is so true!  I just got my invite tonight and I have already spent a good amount of time on there!  I love all the wonderful ideas I'm finding on there for crafts and food.  I'm looking forward to pinning stuff I find online to share with others as well.  I've started three boards so far and I already am wanting to start more!  The one thing I am still working on is how to unfollow all the hundreds of people Pinterest automatically set me up following. If anyone can help me with that I would be very grateful.  I would love to start following my readers and blog friends, so if you're on Pinterest let me know below in the comments with a link to follow you!  You can follow me as well if you choose by clicking on the link in my right sidebar.  I think I'm off to go dig around Pinterest some more!

1 comment:

  1. I love Pinterest! I just started a link-up on Sundays for Pinterest finds, feel free to join in and share your favorites! The theme I used this week was creative date night ideas but you can link whatever you want to :)


    I just started following you on Pinterest too, here's my link- http://pinterest.com/mommyoftwo331/