07 January 2012

Local Superhero?

Today while taking my twins to a birthday party I noticed an out of place attraction walking down our town's main street.  It was Captain America!  Okay, well it was a guy dressed up in a Captain America costume.  Instead of the classic shield accessory, he was carrying a large American flag.  

This reminded me of the new season premiere of Taboo.  By the way, so excited about the new season!  If you haven't seen it, it comes on the National Geographic channel.  Anyways, the season's premiere episode featured real life superheros.  The show featured a couple of costumed crime fighters in Seattle that loved helping protect the town from crime in superhero form.  I wondered if it was possible this guy had also watched the show and got the idea to become our town's hero?

I know it's probably a long stretch, but that's the first thing that came to mind.  I  mean, it's not like it's Halloween.  He was just proudly walking down main street carrying his flag, tight spandex costume and all! He was still out walking around on the way home from the party, and a couple had actually pulled over and were taking their picture with him! We do have a local guy that walks around and rocks out to his music on a daily basis.  Most of the town knows and loves him, quirks and all - so if dressing up as a superhero and becoming either a town mascot or hero is his thing, more power to him I guess!  As long as he isn't hurting anyone I think he should do what makes him happy.  The kids sure enjoyed seeing him in all his costumed glory, and I kind of secretly hope we get to see him again!

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  1. LOL! Kind of makes you not ashamed to dance through the aisles of the supermarket. I mean that should be considered normal, right? If he can dress up then I can party down. :-)