16 January 2012

Sick Kid and Sick Mom

I thought I would write an update, since I haven't posted in a few days.  I've been taking care of one of the twins who is recovering from a right lung pneumonia.  Both twins have asthma, but the one who has it the worst gets terribly sick anytime she gets the slightest signs of a cough or cold.  This time a little cough spiraled quickly within two days into a pneumonia that landed us in urgent care.  

While she is pretty much recovered now, being done with her antibiotics and all, this mom is now sick!  I usually have a pretty good immune system as far as not catching the sick from others.  This time I think it was just a case of being around the germs with her 24/7, and a pinch of bad luck on my part.  I don't want to appear that I am just ignoring the blog for now.  I'm just really that sick.  I'm hoping to get back up and posting as regular by tomorrow.  I will now leave on that note and take my sick behind back to my pillows on the couch!