28 February 2012

Got Me A Roku 2 Today!

So, I have been wanting a way to watch Netflix in the living room instead of having to use my tablet all the time.  I needed something that picked up a wireless internet connection, since there was no way I was going to try and run a cable to where the box is in my bedroom!  I had been hearing good things about the Roku, so I finally decided to go with the hubby to Best Buy today and check them out.  We looked at a couple related models by different brands, but finally decided on the Roku 2 after the sales man at Best Buy told us that it had way more channel options than the other models.  In fact, it has 300+ channels!  Some are subscribe to, but quite a large amount of them are also free.  There is even the ability to run Facebook with it.  I think I may be in Roku heaven!  I still need to play around on it more once I can get the kids to give it up, but I'm really impressed and think this is going to be so nice for family movie nights and such.  

If you've been thinking about picking one up, Amazon sells them cheaper than anywhere else I have compared, and Amazon is also running a special for 1 day shipping with this item if you pay with a Discover card.  Enter promotion code “DSCVRSHP” and select your Discover Card as your payment method.

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