15 February 2012

Kids Smoking Smarties

Above is a video from March 2009 about the latest fad of kids smoking Smarties.  While I remember hearing about this back then, it hadn't hit our small town yet that I had heard of...until the last two days.  Yesterday my middle school aged daughter comes home to tell me about how kids think they are cool because they're smoking Smarties.  She then proceeds to tell me how they crush up the candy and inhale it through the Smarties wrapper and blow out the dust, mimicking smoking I guess?  Then today my elementary school aged daughter comes home to tell me this is starting up at her school as well!  She said one boy was even caught snorting the candy dust up his nose on the school bus. 

My immediate response was to question them about if they had tried it.  They both told me no and that they are "not that dumb".  Well, I took the opportunity to just elaborate about the dumbness of it and also to explain the obvious health risks that go along with it.  Reports I showed them online talked of infection from the candy sitting in the nose or lungs too long, problems associated with it being inhaled down the wrong pipe, and more.  The thing that troubles me is that kids are acting like mimicking smoking is cool.  I'm glad my daughters are not following the crowd on this one.  I guess I had figured this fad had come and gone already.  I'm afraid of what kids will think of next!  I'm am glad from what my girls told me it sounds like the schools are taking it very seriously and have already handed out harsh punishments for those caught involved with the craze.  Have any of you other moms had to have the Smarties talk?

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  1. Heidi,
    I would be interested in showing my kids the same reports as just today, my son in 6th grade came home and talked about this.