24 February 2012

My Surprising And Strange Travel Product Find!

While shopping on Amazon for some gifts for my sister's upcoming birthday, I came across a strange product I had never seen before.  First off, I should mention I was shopping for travel related items.  She requested a couple travel neck pillows for her boyfriend and her who are leaving for Hawaii soon for vacation.

So I find two super cute travel pillows that have a cute print for her and a modern print for him.  I'm thinking what else would she like for her trip?  So I continue to search under travel related items, when I come across this:

First glance I'm thinking "Hmm...travel product with a catchy name?"  I have to admit the picture in the search results caught me as a strange item and I had to click on it and see what this whole Go Girl thing is about.  First product feature says:  "Allows women the convenience of going to the bathroom standing up".  Um, what?  That's totally what I've always dreamed of being able to achieve, the convenience of going to the bathroom standing up!  Not.  The description also states it's for women who don't want to have to sit on a public toilet.  What about toilet seat covers or the old toilet paper down on the seat trick?

I honestly had to hold myself back from buying this for my sister to go along with her gifts as a "gag gift", which we do to each other every now and then!  I still don't really get the whole allure of this product, but I guess someone must need it or they wouldn't be selling.  And for those of you who are interested in this:

It also comes in khaki color!

You Go Girl!

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