28 March 2012

Winter Term Grades Are In!

Oh my goodness this last term was hard, but I pulled through and still made good grades.  Hooray!  My last term at community college already starts next Monday, but I'm so ready to graduate and move on to the university!  Here are the final grades for winter term:

Physical Anthropology  (A-)
Survey of Astronomy  (B-)
General Psychology  (A)
Lifespan Developmental Psychology  (B)
Sociology  (A)

Just found out tonight that one of my classes got cancelled, so I'm scrambling to pick up another in it's place.  This last term is mostly electives towards my degree.  Here's what I have coming up so far:

History of Asian Art (Japan)
General Biology
Drugs, Society, and Behavior
Holistic Health

Spring break has went by way too fast!

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