13 June 2012

One Chapter Closes...Another Begins

Well...I made it!  I finally finished my Associate's degree.  After three long years and a lot of struggles mixed with joys along the way, I have finished this chapter of my education.  Earlier this morning I finished the last of my assignments and now I just wait for my final grades to come in.  Out of five classes this term I know that four of them I am getting an A in.  I had hoped to ace all five of my classes this term but Japanese Art just wasn't going to allow it.  

That one class caused me more stress than I had ever anticipated.  Turns out my instructor based 65% of our grade on two huge exams.  So it didn't matter that I aced all my quizzes, homework, and final research paper.  The weight was on the exams and my first one let's just say didn't go so well.  I felt defeated this past month thinking this one class was going to ruin my chances of graduation.  With the motivation of my husband I picked myself up and determined to study non stop for my last exam so I could give it everything I had in me.  And I did!  While I don't know my grade yet for the exam, I know I rocked it and I couldn't be more happier!  

So now I sit here writing this feeling a personal sense of accomplishment.  Sure I went back to school to benefit my family, but I mainly started this journey back to school for myself.  I wanted to prove to myself that I could go back to school and be successful.  To any mom out there considering going back to school, if I can do it...so can you!  So as this chapter of my education closes, another begins.  I start this fall on my BS in Psychology.  So it's onward and upward...and thankfully back to blogging again during this summer break!

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  1. Congratulations Heidi! I'm sorry I'm a bit late on this. I know your family is so proud of you, more importantly you've gotta be proud of yourself. My Hubby also graduated over the Memorial Weekend with his Master's. It was so rewarding for us both for our kids to see the ceremony and all. He walked just for the kids to see. It was a proud moment for me too. Good luck moving on to your Bachelors! Now that my DH is done, I'm going back for my Bachelors in January too.