09 August 2012

Time To Put This Day To Bed!

So it's just after 11 pm here and I am pooped and just ready to put this day to bed and hopefully wake up to a more relaxing and less stressful one!  My day didn't begin the greatest.  I finally heard back from the university's financial aid office that informed me that the "ladies" working on processing are about two weeks behind.  Long story short...school begins in less than 2 weeks and I may be out of luck until winter term.  Just what I wanted to hear!

Fast forward to taking the girls to get their school supply shopping done.  Four girls + a store full of things to touch + one already frazzled mom made for a lot of "Please don't touch that" repeated over and over and over again.  So we load up a cart full. Yes, a cart full. School supplies for four kids definitely hits the pocketbook.  I'm so ready to be done so I can get home and make the kiddos dinner when I realize that the ratio of folks checking out to actual checkers available is not the best situation.  So I ended up behind a couple with so much stuff in their cart, they really should of just had two carts.  So just short of 30 minutes later (seriously) we get up to the checker.  Thank goodness I'm in the home stretch is all I can think at this point! 

Now I'm just waiting for the hubby to get home so we can watch Big Brother on DVR, and even though I made the kids popcorn to take to bed with them to enjoy with a movie, they are still busting in my room for any reason they can think of just to get out of bed.  I'm already thinking getting them back on school bedtime routine is going to be difficult.  Some days I would kill for their energy, but as of right now I am just ready to call it a day!

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