24 September 2012

Autumn Blog Challenge Catch Up Post

Whey Beyond the Naked Truth

Okay folks I'm playing a little catch up here since my anniversary was this past weekend and I missed the weekend prompts.  So here's two prompts in one:

Autumn Blog Challenge Question for 9/22:  List 3 Things That Are Important To You.

1) Family
2) Friendship
3) God

Autumn Blog Challenge Question for 9/23:  I Hate Being...

I hate being the strong one.  In my house I seem to be the glue that holds everything together.  And while I'm fine with that because I'm not very outwardly emotional, it does sometimes seem like a lot.  Like my grandmother recently coming down with Alzheimer's.  It came and progressed so fast that she barely remembers me, if at all most of the time.  She was my mother figure growing up, and while I just want to sit and have a couple good cries over it now and then, I have to be strong and put on a good face for my kids and my husband who need me. 

I'm also preparing to be stronger than I think possible.  My mother in law has had a heart aneurism for years now.  Her doctor gave her 3 years to live and we are within two months of that and the signs are there that it will be soon.  I don't have the mother bond that my husband does with his mother, so the only way I can compare it would be if I lost my grandmother.  It is going to be a trying time in our house when that grief comes upon us.  I will be the strong one for not only my husband, but my kids as well.  I just wish sometimes that being the strong one didn't take so much out of me, or that sometimes I would let someone else take that role once in a while.

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