24 September 2012

Beware of Smiles - New Teen Designer Drug

 { Not This Kind Of Smile! }

The latest teen designer drug is called Smiles, and it's starting to hit our nation's schools and is known for it's availability over the Internet.  Also known as 2C-1, Smiles is a hallucinogen that comes in either powder or tablet form.  This illegal synthetic drug is often mixed by it's users with chocolate or candy before it is consumed.  Effects reported from smiles include hallucinations (both auditory and visually), as well as mixed feeling of happiness and relaxation.  

Of course this drug isn't without it's down side.  Smiles have reportedly already caused two confirmed deaths according to a report by Fox News.  I have also come across many hospitalization reports as a result of Smiles users.  One death included hyperventilation that led to a fall and finally stopping of breathing.  The other case was determined to be along the same lines.  This drug has a dangerous effect of causing the heart to race, in which case can result in a fatality. 

With the arrival of Smiles, I think now is a good time to re visit the topic with your children regarding drugs.  If you have yet to address this topic, now is the time to initiate one.  Let's educate our kids on the dangers of Smiles and other street drugs.  Hopefully by doing so we can prevent any others from a death caused by this or any other drug.

Have you heard of Smiles?  Comment below with your thoughts!

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