06 September 2012

Books On My List To Read In 2013

Whey Beyond the Naked Truth

Today's Autumn Blog Challenge question is make a list of books you want to read next year.

I recently found out how much I actually enjoy reading, when I have the time of course.  This summer I read all three books in The Hunger Games series in just 2 1/2 weeks. They were that good!  Those books made me excited to start really reading again.  There are 3 books I have in mind that I would love to sit down and enjoy next year.

1)  Wuthering Heights:  I've never read the book or seen the movie but have always heard how amazing both are.  I'm very excited to sit down and read this one!

2)  The Great Gatsby:  I did read this book in high school, but I loved it and have been wanting to sit down and read it again.

3)  Becoming Sister Wives:  The Story of an Unconventional Marriage - This one I have been wanting to read since it came out.  I love the television show and this book looks like a good read.

Do You Have A List Of Books In Mind You Want To Read In 2013?   Comment Below!

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  1. My 12 year old read and LOVED The Hunger Games. When I am done with my list I plan on borrowing his Kindle to read them, too.

    I watch Sister Wives, too. I couldn't do it personally but I do like parts of their system