20 September 2012

Things To Take When Trapped On A Desert Island

Whey Beyond the Naked Truth

Today's Autumn Blog Challenge Question:  If you were trapped on a desert island, what are three items you would take with you?

For this list I am going to exclude electronics.  Reason being that I doubt there would be any cell service or internet to pick up on, nor would there be a place to charge any electronics.  So with that being said, here are the three things I would take with me.

1.  Matches -  I don't know how to start a fire without them and I would need fire to cook and for warmth.

2.  Tarp - Could be useful to help make a shelter to protect from the elements.

3.  Good Knife - A knife big enough to use for hunting and also for cutting in general.

What are 3 things you would take with you on a desert island?  Comment below!

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