13 September 2012

Thoughts On Our Current Educational System

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Today's Autumn Blog Challenge Question:  What do you think about the current educational system?

One thing I notice that has changed since I was a young girl in school is the emphasis being placed on students "getting the numbers" on standardized testing.  First I want to say that I think it's great that schools are being held accountable for what their students have learned and if they are up to grade level on this knowledge.  Unfortunately it seems to have some drawbacks.  Teachers don't seem to have the same curriculum freedom as they used to.  I think it's put a big stress on the teachers and I have seen it put a stress on my kids. 

On a side note I would also like to see great teachers getting the pay they deserve and teachers that could seem to care less about their job (and I have seen them!) be replaced by qualified teachers who can't find a teaching job because of the shortages and who would be happy to take their place!  I would love to see some changes in how funding is distributed.  When my child's school is begging for copy paper donations every year it isn't a good sign.  Lastly, I would also like to see college education become an affordable option for everyone.  We all deserve a higher education!


What Are Your Thoughts On Our Current Educational System?  Comment Below!

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